X-Particles | Exploration
Experimentation ~ Learning​​​​​​​
Playing with X-Particles
X-Particles has always been a a little intimidating for me, which is why I never explored it too deeply. This is my first big jump into X-Particles challenging myself to create & post as much work & process on Instagram over a 30 day period as possible. I learned a ton & I hope you enjoy looking through my creative process
Behind the Scenes
Thank You!

Big thank you to Insydium for making such an incredibly fun program to play with.

Mitch Myers for a great talk at the Dallas/Ft. Worth C4D group. I encourage you to check it out, chock-full of great advice & super inspirational. Definitely was the final push I needed to make this possible. 

Programs used - X-Particles 4.0 | C4D.

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