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Wanna watch classic Disney content and edgy, modern TV on the same platform? You can do that now, with Hulu on Disney+. I was part of the team at Bien that helped launch this bundle by creating Digital Out of Home (DOOH) assets that were featured in cities across the US.
As part of the team we got to work with typography, nostalgic Disney assets, to create a piece of the much larger campaign. The files were multiple, delivery was complex, and of course, schedules were tight. I got the opportunity to create a particle blast for the fairy godmother and holograms for R2-D2. Truly a fantastic opportunity which I am incredibly grateful and thankful to be a part of!
Client: Disney+
Creative Director: Hung Le
Executive Producer: Ricardo Roberts
Producer: Alisha Kramer
Art Director: Hung Le
Design: Ally Shuman, Dustin Scott, Scott Pellman
2D Animators & Compositors: Dustin Scott, Scott Pellman, John Fischer, Giedre Elliot
3D Animation: Dustin Scott, Scott Pellman
Character Animation: Giedre Elliot
Big thank you to Hung Le & the team at Bien for bringing me on to help out with this project.
Great creative direction & a great team to be a part of! I loved collaborating with everyone.

Software used - After Effects |  Photoshop | Red Giant Particular

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