Red Paper Heart ~ Look Development | Design & Animation
Concept Development & Animation
Red Paper Heart invited me on board to help refine some of the individual scenes as part of a much larger project for LG. I worked with Creative Director Zander Brimjoin to help design & refine some of the initial look development.
I helped animate and design 3 of the scenes: Glass Elevator (:30-:35) / Tony Stark Home (:42-:44,) and Airport (:45-:46). These were longer animations during the presentation, but just a small part of this cutdown video.
For more details check out Red Paper Heart!
Final Frames
Created by
Gensler - Agency
Red Paper Heart - Digital Experience Partner

RPH Team
Zander Brimijoin - Creative Director
Daniel Scheibel - Technical Director
Lisa Walters - Executive Producer
Erin Stowell - Sr Producer
Jiwon Ham - Sr Designer
Minwoo Lee - Designer/Animator
John Fischer - Designer/Animator
Adam Gman - Designer/Animator
Greg Schomburg - Lead Developer
Mingxi Xu - Jr Developer
Polytope - Sound Design
Big thank you to Zander Brimjoin, Erin Stowell, Minnow Lee & the team at Red Paper Heart for bringing me on to help out with this project.
Great team & I really enjoyed collaborating with everyone.

Software used - After Effects |  Photoshop.

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