Nike Air Max Day '19
Digital Kitchen ~ Design & Animation
Design & Animation
The Department of Unimaginable. A Semi-fictitious place within Nike, which has a single goal:
to experiment and invent unimaginable product innovations.
Nike Air, one of the department's most successful experiments, is defined by its relentless ambition to ‘GO BIGGER’.

Concept Development
We originally debated starting out with a fly-through of the Chicago skyline.
I worked out a sequence starting with x-particles, transitioning to simple 3D buildings & ending with a flat map.
In the end, it just took up too much time & didn't fit well with the concept.
Animation Tests
Ultimately, we decided upon pixel-sorting & glitch effects to help tell the story. I did quite a few rounds trying to figure out what looked the best. These are some of the tests that we liked & improved upon.
Agency: Digital Kitchen 
Client: Nike 
Creative Director:  Nico Gibson 
Producer: Megan St. John 
Editor: Mike Alfini
Design & Animation: John Fischer
Big thank you to Jason Esser, Nico Gibson, Megan St. John & the team at Digital Kitchen for bringing me on to help out with this amazing project.
All of this was done remotely & I couldn't be happier with how smoothly everything went. Great feedback, great timeline, & great people to collaborate with! 
MY ROLE: I designed & animated the pixel-sorting & glitches throughout. I animated everything for 14 different versions based on rough edits. I also did all of the color correction. 

Software used - AE Pixel Sorter 2 | After Effects | Illustrator |  Photoshop.

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